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Writer's Block OC meme
Created by: Trafalgarlawfangirl

I.  Alright guys, you know the drill, choose 5 of your OCs and add a short description below (Even if you know what they look like the people who read it don't! Write it as if you were explaining it to an idiot!). If you don't have 5 OCs then make one up on the spot! Seriously, sometimes the random characters you make are some of the ones you have the most fun with.

1. Pharynx. Look's a lot like Larynx with minor differences. His eyes are a pure yellow, his skin is lighter and his jacket is just a little lighter you could barely tell. His white hair look's even lighter then Larynx's even doe it's impossible for it to be lighter. His hair is short-ish and unkept. He is almost always covered in scratches. He is pretty Psychotic and Emotionally unstable. He is very envious of everyone and has a strong hatred towards Larynx.

2. Larynx. A young fifteen year old sorcerer. He has yellow eyes and short-ish white hair in a ponytail. He wears a black shirt and black pants with a strange dark purple jacket. Very gentlemeny and tends to win every girls heart with his prince-charming like personality. However. He is full of pride witch can get him in some trouble and isn't the greatest leader. He also talks. a lot.

3. Shadow. Fuzzy/Fluffy black hair that goes past his ears but not long enough to touch his shoulders, red eyes, black clothes with a black jacket. When he was young he accidentally broke a Banshee's comb. The Banshee put a curse on him that makes him turn into a wolf every night. He always loses consciousness when that happens and trys not to think about what he might of did. But years later with the help of a friend he managed to find a way to rid of the problem. He wears a magical black color with red symbols on it that keeps him from turning into a wolf. However. You can't completely get rid of a Banshee's curse. So he still has the wolf tail and ears at night. He has a strong love for animals and a strong hatred of humans. He is a tsundere (A person who is cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time) so it's almost impossible for him to make friends. However. If some one managed to become his friend he is very loyal to them. Love's sweets.

4. Xander. Short mainly orange hair with red and yellow strands, Light purple eyes, wears a very butler like outfit and wears Harry Potter glasses. Very sweet and smart he is usually the person people go to when they need help be it math, science, history or when they really need someone to talk to. He always speaks his mind and isn't afraid to correct a teacher.

5. Lotus Shadow. Blonde hair about the same length as Shadow's and Tommy Oliver green eyes. He wear's a dark gray (almost black) top hat with a T.A.R.D.I.S. blue ribbon on it that's impossible to see, light-ish gray goggles with light blue straps covering most of the ribbon, a black shirt with a T.A.R.D.I.S. blue jacket on top of it, black pants, a black cape with light blue sides and purple gloves. A Phantom Thief well known for stealing Artifacts. His announcement card is usually signed with a blue that fades into black lotus instead of 'Lotus Shadow'. Cool and calm he almost never get's worried and he's quick to retaliate if he does. Very serious and doesn't like it when someone's goofing around. It has been noted that he's actually very sweet and caring. He always leaves a blue lotus at the crime scene. Knows multiple languages. has absolutely nothing to do with Shadow. Or any of my Blonde green eyed characters in general.

II. You (the writer) are walking around a busy part of town, at some point, you end up crossing paths with [Character One], neither of you recognize the other. As the two of you continue on your way, what was one thing you both noticed about the other?

Me: *Looks back at the white haired boy* Hmm......Messy unkept hair.......Lot's of scratches......Did he just get back from being stranded on a hellish island for five years?..........Interesting...........

Pharynx: *Looks back just a little to see if I was still watching him* ......That girl keeps looking at me.........

III. [Character Three] or [Character Two] is trapped in a windowless room for the next 72 hours (3 days for those of you who won't do the math). Do they go crazy? What do they do to pass the time?

Shadow: *Try's finding a pattern in the floor* This is so boring...

IV. [Character Five] is able to go to the past and tell their past self some advice for the future. However, something goes wrong and they are only able to say one thing to their past self before being sent back to the present. What did they say? How does their past self react when the present self is gone?

*It was a quiet and peaceful forest when suddenly a purple and black hole appeared. Lotus Shadow stepped out of it holding a strange hourglass with one glove off.*

*The hole disappeared right when he exited*

Lotus Shadow: *Sighs and puts his glove back on. He knew very well that he wouldn't be having this problem if Officer Soni's foolish younger brother hadn't tried catching him cause she was ill.*

*There was a weeping sound not too far away*

Lotus Shadow: *Looks around looking for the source of the sound. Not to long later he found the source. A young him wearing a white shirt and blue pants. The young him seemed lost. He walked over to the young him. Knowing the danger of them touching*

Lotus: *Looks up at the strange man walking towards him and backs away a bit.*

Lotus Shadow: *Stops when he saw young him back away and kneels down.*

Lotus: *Continues staring at the strange man. Very nearly about to start crying again.*

Lotus Shadow: *He was quick to find a way to make young him smile. He put the hourglass down and pulled one of his gloves off magically turning it into a blue lotus.*

Lotus: *Looks at the lotus amazed by how the strange man turned the glove into a flower*

Lotus Shadow: *Holds out the lotus waiting for young him to take it*

Lotus: *Hesitates a little but takes the magical lotus*

Lotus Shadow: *He was very careful not to touch young him*

Lotus: *Looks at the lotus and then at the strange man* .....Lost......witch way......? *He said quietly*

Lotus Shadow: *He looked around and then pointed north*

Lotus: ......Ok......anything else........?

Lotus Shadow: *Thinks for a bit and then nods*

Lotus: ...What...?

Lotus Shadow: *He stands back up and grabs the hourglass with his hand that still has a glove* "KesshiteAkiramenai." *The purple and black hole from before reappeared, he was pulled inside and the purple and black hole disappeared just as suddenly as it had appeared*

Lotus: ....Kesshite.......akiramenai.......?

V. [Character One] and [Character Two] have gone together to [Character Four]'s party. After an hour [Character Four] calls off the party. What was the party for? Why did [Character Four] call off the party?

*Xander had to admit. His brother did make a very nice party for his birthday even doe he told him not to. There was just one problem...*

Larynx: What? What!? Your delusional! That never happened! I'm one hundred percent one of a kind!

Pharynx: Your delusional! It did happen! You where there and I was there and two other us' where there!

*He invited those two. He would've been fine with one of them but both of them here meant disaster. But. He couldn't just kick one of them out*

One hour later.

Pharynx: Oh and then you-

Xander: *He finally snapped* That's it! I've had enough of this! Everybody out!

*Everybody looked at him like he's gone crazy*

Xander: KNOW!

*Everybody does what he says and leaves*

VI. In an alternate universe, [All the characters] are in high school together. What are each characters' stereotype? Do they interact with each other?

Pharynx: The odd kid that hides in a corner planning every ones death.

Larynx: The popular kid that gets all the girls.

Shadow: The witty and quick kid that ignores everyone and has no friends.

Xander: Nerdy math, history guy.

Lotus Shadow: The thief that always gets thrown into detention.

Pharynx and Shadow might have some minor interaction. Probably cause there going to the same corner. At times Pharynx will try to get rid of Larynx. Lotus Shadow and Xander will probably interact with everyone.

VII. [Character Four] is a mad scientist. [Character Three] or [Character One] is their minion. What experiment are they working on? Will they use it to benefit mankind, or themselves?

Xander: Ah, yes. Finally it's complete.

Shadow: *Sarcastic* Woo.

Xander: With this. I can stop all of the destruction we have caused!

Shadow: *Lightens up a little* No more destruction of Rainforests? No more poachers?

Xander: Yes!

Shadow: That's fantastic! How does it work? What does it do?

Xander: Ok. We put these around places like the Ever glades and Rainforests and when ever some one enters it shoots a laser at there destruction causing thing and turns it into a million flowers! *He does a very pathetic evil laugh*

Shadow: *He sighed* Atleast it get's rid of the weapons....

VIII. In a rare twist of events, [Character Two] ends up babysitting a child version of [Character One] or [Character Five]. Does it go well?

*Larynx looked at the five year old Pharynx*

Larynx: He's actually.......kinda cute.....

Child!Pharynx: *Bites him*

Larynx: Ow! That hurt!

Child!Pharynx: *Smiles evilly*

Larynx: This.....Is going to be much worse then I thought......

IX. [All of the characters] are in a "friendly" game of Dodgeball. Who's on what team? Who was picked last? Which team wins?

Team Lotus Shadow: Pharynx

Team Larynx: Shadow

Xander didn't play due to the odd number. Larynx won the coin toss so he picked first so technically Pharynx was picked last. He didn't like it. Xander ended the game not long after it started due to it not being a friendly game.

X. [Character Four] is learning a new skill from [Character Two]. They're just starting to make progress when [Character Five] comes in. What skill did [Character Four] learn? Was [Character Two] a good teacher? Why did [Character Five] interrupt them?

Larynx: *Holds up some sun glasses* All you really need to is wear these sun glasses and then your coolness goes way up!

Xander: *Writes stuff down in a note book* Ok.....ok.....

Lotus Shadow: *Open's Larynx's bedroom window and lets himself in* Xander you heard about that Artifact that was said to make people go insane right?

Xander: Yeah.

Lotus Shadow: I'm borrowing you then *Grabs Xander's arm and drags him out of Larynx's room*

XI. [A random character of your choice] has become "Evil Overlord" for the day. During this 24 hour period, they choose [Character Two] or [Character Three] to be their slave for the day. Who was chosen? Why? What does the unfortunate slave have to do?

*Congratulations. Shadow has become 'Evil Overlord' for the day. However. He's stuck with Larynx*

*They where in a lush green jungle*

Larynx: Why are we here?

Shadow: Use your magic you love so much and make it impossible for people to destroy the jungle and impossible for poacher's to do there stuff!

Larynx: It doesn't work that way...

Shadow: I am the Dark Lord do as I say!!!!

XII. [Character Three] or [Character Five] have found a mysterious door. Are they brave enough to open it? Where does it lead?

*Shadow looked at the door*

Shadow: .... *Leaves the door alone*

XIII. [Character Two] has accused [Character Three] of some crime. [Character Four] is [Character Two]'s lawyer, and [Character One] is [Character Three]'s lawyer. [Character Five] is the judge. What was the crime? Is [Character Three] found guilty or innocent? What evidence is shown? In the end, what does [Character Five] decide?

Lotus Shadow: *In one of those Judge outfits* Ok what seems to be the problem?

Larynx: This.......boy......if you can call him that.......stole all of my potion ingredients last night!

Shadow: Did not!

Xander: Sir. If I could send it out. There is proof that he did in fact steal it. *He looked at Shadow who really didn't look happy with what he just said*

Pharynx: Sir! I assure you my client didn't steal a thing and that Larynx is a no good doppelganger!

Larynx: That has nothing to do with this! *He gets into a argument with Pharynx*

Lotus Shadow: *He sighed. He really didn't plan that this would happen. The only reason he was here was to get Gallerian Marlon's Marlon Spoon. He got it. But he some how got caught up in this foolish hearing* I have come to my decision!

*Everybody fell quiet*

Lotus Shadow: Shadow....and everyone else in here.....are all innocent! *He throws a smoke ball down and disappears leaving a blue lotus where he was*

XIV. [Character Four] or [Character One] is bored and decides to play a prank on [Character Five]. What is the prank? Does it work? How does [Character Five] react?

*Pharynx sneaked into Lotus Shadow's house and used a spell to turn him into a very old looking lamp*

Lotus Shadow: *Comes home and see's the lamp* What's this? *He kneels down to investigate*

*Instantly Pharynx changed into a large fire breathing dragon*

Lotus Shadow: *Looks at the dragon calmly and smiled. He found it perfectly normal*

XV. [Character Two] has decided to take a lazy day. How do they spend it? How do they relax? Do they invite anyone over?

*Larynx was in his basement reading a spell book with a boiling cauldron close by. He was using his magic to move things around*

Larynx: Ok....lets see......A shoe of dead man's fingers teased on Halloween night........

XVI. [Character One] and [Character Four] are plotting something, and it's up to [Character Three] to find out their plans and report back to [Character Two]. What are they planning? Does [Character Three] get away? What does [Character Two] do with the information?

Pharynx: You! Nerd! Grab me some Dried milk of unicorn!

Xander: *Looks for the dried unicorn milk* Um....what are you making anyway?

Pharynx: I am making a potion that when Larynx drinks it he grow a long tail and start whinnying.

Xander: Uh........ok?

Shadow: *Sneaks out of the room and goes to tell Larynx even doe he dislikes him*

XVII. [All of the characters] are at the library. Who's reading what? Who falls asleep? Who gets into a fight with the librarian?

Pharynx: *Has fallen asleep on the floor with the Harry Potter books around him*

Larynx: *Takes every book out half way looking for the secret passage and see's a librarian* Miss do you know how to find the secret passage that brings you to the secret room full of spell books and all that? *The librarian looked at him like he was crazy*

Shadow: *Hiding in a corner surrounded by animal books*

Xander: *Surrounded by every single book imaginable*

Lotus Shadow: *Try's to sneak out of the Library with a history book*


*He looked behind him to see a librarian*

Lotus Shadow: *He smiles and quickly runs out of the Library with the librarian chasing after him*
Know to do a Writer's Block OC meme! Allonz-y!
Saw kalsagnia do it and I just had to

It was really fun~! And (Of course) it's not me without the references. Did you catch my references?

And yeah I really didn't think I should do Past!Lotus Shadow cause he wasn't Lotus Shadow at the time. And I couldn't do his real name cause it's unknown. So I just called him Lotus

Meme by: Trafalgarlawfangirl

Meme: Writer's Block OC meme

Spells Larynx and Pharynx used:…
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Tagged (kinda) by :iconkoikii: Koikii

2. Use to randomize your friends (or sempai's) for this meme. (There will be 13 results no matter how many friends/sempai's are in your list.) Make sure to include yourself as well.
3. All people used are tagged. ((Unless you don't want to do it. But I would love to see what you end up with. And if you aren't used in this and want to do it you can))
4. Have fun!

1. The Sidekick: :iconearrthmoonwarrior239: EarrthMoonWarrior239

Who's sidekick? The Doctors? Mine? Are leaders?

2. The Sniper: Lueroi

This works out pretty well. He has Toasty!

3. The one who loses it: :icontal-the-cat: Tal-the-cat

Nooooooo Kat!!!!!!!!!!!

4. The brain :iconben10skid: ben10skid

I can see it know. "Blah blah blah plan stuff blah blah blah sprinkles blah blah blah laser pointers blah blah blah EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!"

5. The leader who takes charge: :iconblakycat: BlakyCat

Blaky's are leader? Awesome! What do we do first Blaky-Chan? Uhhh wait....using 'Chan' with a superior's name is considered condescending and rude......sorry about that.....

6. The Medic: GhostRobo

Oh yeah! He's a lot like Lazarus! So when he revives us we don't have a health reduction!

7. The one who yells Vulgarities Weird/Funny/Goofy words at the zombies: charlieissocoollike

Ahahaha. You have fun with that Charlie. (I have not idea what 'vulgariries' means so I changed it to weird/funny/goofy words)

8. The weapons expert: :iconbubblyhearts: bubblyhearts

You didn't tell me you where a weapons expert Bubbly!

9. The person who can't have the Molotov: :iconmaliceintheabyss: MaliceInTheAbyss

Well of course you can't have the band Molotov! Or is it the cocktail you want?

10. The car guy: :iconwolfgrl78: wolfgrl78

I can trust you to follow the rules right? Don't go over speed limit don't hit anything stay in between the line make sure we all buckle are seat belts.... *Not long later* "Zombie five points!" 'Zombie five points!" "Zombie five points!" "Human one thousand points! No, wait!"

11: The cheerleader: :iconeevee2013: Eevee2013

Don't go thinking your not important cause your the cheerleader. The cheerleader is just a important as everyone else!

12. Everything bad happens to this one but they survive it all: :iconthecat1313: thecat1313

Well.......At least I get to spend a lot of time with Ghost....... (I actually seriously am the one that everything bad happens too)

13. The idiot who somehow managed to survive: :iconkalsagnia: kalsagnia

Kal's not a idiot she's just clumsy and can't concentrait

I was hoping I wouldn't be tempted to draw a picture of this but I have so many ideas! So could I? We could make completely new characters or just characters that look like us or what ever With cool post-apocalyptic outfits. A note if we can. kalsagnia your name would have the have Kal in it. Because the brains has a name for you and it includes the name Kal.

And by the way Lueroi, Ghost and Charlie are Sempai's
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